Host a Silly Socks Day

Have fun and support The Ronald McDonald Learning Program

Medical treatments for children with serious illness such as cancer and cystic fibrosis can be difficult, painful and prolonged. Treatments often result in children missing out on months or even years of their schooling. The Ronald McDonald Learning Program provides educational support to help students with serious illness catch up on missed schooling.

Silly Socks 4 Sick Kids is an easy and fun way to raise funds with a gold coin donation for events such as;

  • • Silly Socks Free Dress Day
  • • Silly Socks Fashion Parade
  • • Silly Socks Walkathon
  • • Silly Socks Disco
  • • Silly Socks Sports Day

How can your school get involved?

Select a date for your Silly Sock 4 Sick Kids event and send the registration form to us. We will contact you and provide support for the event with posters, information for families, activities and sponsorship forms etc.

What you can do

There are many ways schools can become involved with Silly Socks 4 Sick Kids. For example, holding a 'Silly Socks 4 Sick Kids' fundraising event such as:

Silly Socks Free Dress Day - Students & Teachers can wear mufti or free dress for a gold coin donation. Emphasis should be on wearing Silly Socks.

Silly Socks Fashion Parade - Your school can hold a Silly Socks fashion parade. Prizes can be awarded for various categories including silliest socks, most creative, best catwalk models etc.

Silly Socks Walkathon - Hold a walkathon where students raise funds through sponsorship. Students should be encouraged to wear Silly Socks and get into to the spirit of the event.

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How to get involved

Step 1 - Select a date and time for your Silly Socks 4 Sick Kids event.

Step 2 - Download the registration form and return it to your local RMLP representative. They'll then contact the school and supply a fundraising kit for the event.

Step 3 - Hold your Silly Socks 4 Sick Kids event, and have some fun! For activity ideas, have a look below.

Step 4 - Return the funds raised to RMHC. You can either deposit the money into our account (Westpac Bank BSB: 032-087 Account no: 154315), then return the deposit slip with a copy of your school registration to Ronald McDonald House Charities P.O Box Pennant Hills, NSW 1715 (fax: 1300 307642).

Or alternatively, attach your fundraising cheque to a copy of your registration form and send it to Ronald McDonald House Charities P.O Box Pennant Hills, NSW 1715.

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How to get involved

Fun day activities

Sock races

  • Three-legged race wearing socks.
  • A team of three students with one wearing socks. The socked student must not touch the ground with his socked feet but all three students must cross the finish line to win.
  • Teams of 5 or more students where each team is issued with ONE pair of socks. Every student must wear the pair of socks to run in the relay.
  • How many pairs of socks can you put on your body in 60 seconds? The most pairs on firmly wins.

Sock wrestling

  • Two students wrestling must be on gym mats in a defined space. Both are wearing ONE sock from a pair. Whoever can get the sock off the other person wins the wrestling bout. (This needs local rules from the school to suit the environment of students).
  • Sock hammer throw or shot put (Large heavy duty socks are needed).
  • With a tennis ball put into the toe of the sock and students are to take turns throwing the sock as far as possible. (hammer throw or shot put rules can apply to the field and the throwing technique).

Socks guess what

  • Put an object in the toe of the sock and students cannot look but have 5 seconds to feel the object through the sock and guess what it is.
  • A sock full of wrapped lollies. Guess how many lollies in the sock.

Sock hunt

  • For younger students hide socks in the school playground and whoever finds the most socks (or pairs of socks) wins.
  • Set up a treasure hunt or an orienteering course where socks in each location hold clues to the course' path.

Sock puppets

  • Make sock puppets and have the students perform plays.

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School activities

Numeracy activities

  • Sorting a group of socks according to different criteria - size, colours, patterns, material.
  • Design a new pattern for socks using geometric shapes.
  • Estimate how many socks needed to measure the perimeter of the room.
  • Examine the difference between using one sock repetitively and using different socks.
  • Run a numeracy quiz using socks as a theme e.g. How many socks would there be in the schools if every student were wearing a pair? If all of our class removed their socks how many would there be?
  • Measure the length of one sock and the perimeter of the basketball court. How many socks would it take to cover the perimeter (older students could develop a formula and then test their formula it to see if it is correct).
  • Design a knitting pattern for a pair of socks.
  • Map activities using coordinate geography to locate the golden sock treasure on sock island.

Literacy activities

  • Have students take a story they know well and modify the theme, the main character or outcome of the story using Silly Socks.
  • Create a new adventure story with Silly Sock characters.
  • Write an acrostic poem using Silly Socks for Sick Kids.
    • Silly is when I make funny faces to make my baby sister smile
    • Socks keep me warm and cosy in bed on a cold night
    • Sick is when my tummy is sore and I want my mum
    • Kids have the most fun in the whole world
  • Write a screenplay with Silly Sock characters. These could be performed by the students as podcasts, media clips, DVD's or live performances.
  • Write and perform a sock puppet play on "the day in the life of a seriously ill sock".

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Other ideas

  • Research the origin of socks. Students can produce a journal, diary, newspaper report or give a presentation, monologue or comedy routine informing the audience on the importance of socks as an item of clothing.
  • Physical activities done in their socks such as long jump, games etc. Test the differences in wearing socks or shoes on each activity.
  • Draw the outline of socks on a large piece of paper and use in an art activity to create patterns or materials for texture.
  • Research the different socks needed for sports, mountain climbing, bed socks etc.
  • Students could design a new sock that is used for a specific purpose e.g. bushwalking.
  • Students could investigate materials used for making different socks. They could explore the differences it makes in the performance of a sock.

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Fun day activities