Tips for teachers

Download these PDFs for some information, teaching strategies and tips on how to help students with serious illnesses learn.


Maths can be fun and enjoyable for a child, and parents and teachers can help to make it so.


A child who has missed significant periods of time away from school as a result of a chronic or acute illness may present with spelling difficulties even if he/she can read.


Strategies to develop a child's writing skills


A child with a chronic illness may become tired more easily than other children and, as a result, may experience difficulty taking notes, researching and writing assignments and completing a test within a given time frame.


There is no magic method or approach that will guarantee a child will learn to read - intensive, continuous and systematic instruction is required to help overcome reading difficulties.


Comprehension is the ability to understand what one reads. A child's ability to comprehend does not necessarily occur naturally. Comprehension needs to be taught to a child as well as tested.

Tips for teachers